Dan & Michelle Crout - Crout Farm

Diary of Michelle Crout – Crout Farm, Week 4, August 22-28, 2011

August 22

The weather is beautiful today, though we could use some rain. Dan is culling two cows today and will be traveling to tri-state livestock yard. It will take him about an hour one way. After delivering the cows he will proceed to Gratis and continue excavating on the previous day’s work. He also made a trip to Ro-Lin Farms to price fertilizer. Hopefully we won’t have trouble getting fertilizer like we did last year. This evening Dan is making contact with people to help unload 3 wagon loads of hay. He was able to get enough guys to help and they will show up around 7pm. It takes 2 to 3 guys in mow and one on the wagon to put bales on the elevator. I will take drinks and snacks out for them later.

August 23

After I clean the parlor this morning I will be running some errands for Dan. Dan is going to Gratis again to work with the backhoe around the pond area tearing brush and trees out to make it look better. When the other crew shows up to dig, Dan will help in laying the tile and new culvert. They are planning on working until dark. I am handling the chores on the farm tonight. I cleaned the cow lot and holding pen with our bobcat loader. Then I fed cows and brought them over from pasture. I fed calves, filled water in cow tanks and put square bales of hay in the rack for later after they are milked.

August 24

We did the usual milking and cleaning routine today. Dan is back up at Gratis continuing the project and then he will go pick up concrete forms for our son Isaac. He will be pouring cement the next day at his work site. I fed cows and calves then fixed supper. Dan got home about 4:30 and rested for a few, then out to barn to milk.

August 25

Today was a slow day around the Crout farm. Dan had a meeting with our farm insurance agent and then went to get a massage. He has been having trouble with his shoulder. When Dan got home, we ate lunch and then I took him to pick up our grain truck that had work done on it.

August 26

After milking this morning Dan scraped the holding pen and cleaned cow lot. I have Hannah today and she is a little fussy. We thought about going to the Greenville fair today, but changed our minds. Dan ground feed for cows and getting auger ready to load out corn. We contracted corn for August and since our truck was being worked on we haven’t had the opportunity to get that accomplished. So it will hustle Dan to get that done before the end of August.

August 27

The hired hand is doing better though he has had to make some adjustments in his lifestyle. Such as being on time and not hanging with his friends every time they ask him. It seems like today’s kids just don’t have the motivation or the energy to do the work or want any responsibility. Granted if they have not been raised on a farm, they have no clue about hard work or work ethic. So he is learning that you sometimes have to make sacrifices’ in the area for your job.

August 28

I can’t believe August is almost gone, seems like it just flew by. Today we had a fresh cow so we dealt with her and her calf. We loaded the grain truck with corn so it is ready to go Monday for delivery. Thought we would have gotten some rain by now, especially from the hurricane Irene but looks clear so far. The last week with the wind and hot sun has caused crops to dry down quickly, which are not good, especially the crops that were planted late.

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