Dan & Michelle Crout - Crout Farm

Diary of Michelle Crout – Crout Farm, Week 5, August 29-31, 2011

August 29

Well, we woke up to another cool morning which is enjoyable and the cows really like it as well. Dan is going to deliver corn today and if time allows he will take 2 loads and then refill the truck for Tuesday.

August 30

This morning we had to pull a calf that the heifer would not do on her own. Weren’t any complications she just didn’t want to push. Cows can be funny that way by not making the effort to bring forth the calf. The heifer did clean her calf and has taken interest in it. Sometimes you get a 1st time heifer that reacts like she doesn’t know what the calf is or could care less. Dan took another load of corn to Brubaker’s while I cleaned the parlor. The state survey was going to take place today, so we needed to be ready for their visit.

I canned green beans and put up corn in the freezer yesterday and today. That will make some good eating this winter!

August 31

The state survey inspectors arrived during milking yesterday. Everything seemed to be okay, just some minor items such as two cob webs that I missed in the milk house. Oh well! All in all, it went well for another year.

It has been a pleasure sharing our life with you this month. I hope you gained some new knowledge about farming and the work that it entails. With dairy it’s the same routine every morning and night when it comes to the cows, 7 days a week, all year long. Then add all the other work that comes along with that. To some it may be boring but to us it’s our way of living and provides for our family as well as our country. Whatever you decide to do in life, be a hard and honest worker and make sure to take time out for your family and friends!

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