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Diary of Mike Garver – Garver Family Farm Market , Week 4, August 22-26, 2011

August 22     Mondays are the day I choose to get things done that are not really directly involved with our market.  There has been a wash out along the ditch on part of our property that  I have looked at all summer.  Due the heavy rains this spring,  soil erosion has been quite excessive.  So after everything for the market has been completed, I was on a mission to take care of the eye sore that I’ve been looking at all summer.   By the way, we received  a half inch of rain the night before.  What a blessing.August 23     Had a big wholesale day with sweet corn.  We packaged 1000 dozen from 6 to 11.  What a great feeling.   What was nice was the same person ordered 600 for Thursday.  Only a few years ago an order like that would be impossible.  I now have a system installed with conveyors which makes processing corn a breeze.  It is a small scale version of a large processor.  Anyways, it does a fine job for my operation.August 24      Today we did the usual as far as harvest goes.  Very heavy on cantaloupe.  We pulled 800 nice melons out of the field this morning.  Started making my usual phone calls to make an attempt to move them right on out the driveway.  Jungle Jims in Fairfield said they just unloaded 82 bins.  Wow now that’s a lot of cantaloupe.  Finally found a home for them in Springfield.  Getting very tired.  I think I could sleep very easy for 24 hours if given the chance.  Things will slow down in November.August 25       Thinking about next weekend.   Labor Day is usually a great weekend for sales if the weather is cooperative.  It is also the kick off for our fall sales.  This is when I really get busy. I told Don we are about to enter the third phase of our market.   Flowers in spring, produce during summer and pumpkins in the fall.   My brain is getting overloaded.  So many things to think about.   Shipped the 600 dozen to Cincinnati.  August 26      I would like to thank those who have followed my daily diary.  I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work and meet so many nice people.  Most of our customers are, for the most part,  very appreciative of what we do and provide.  This means a lot to me when people go out of their way to make such comments.  It really is the fire that keeps me going.   

Thanks again,   

Michael Garver

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