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Diary of Jeff Ittel – Green Prairie Turf Week 5, August 29-31, 2011

Monday August 29th

We had a very slow day for sod cutting. We had only one order and it was a pickup. The new torque hub came in. The guys got that put on the TL. We held off watering with the TL. We decided to irrigate the sod we are currently harvesting. We want to keep the sod green. This dry weather pulls a lot of color out of the plant, and we don’t want it to go backwards. We did a couple of slice seeding jobs today. We can now put other seed in the planter since we finished slice seeding the bluegrass. Dad and I went over to the new Talawanda High School and met Tim from Henderson Turf. Dad is going to prep the ground for Henderson to seed. Later that afternoon Travis took the Ford tractor and disk to the school.

Tuesday August 30th

Started the day with quite a few sod orders. Needed to get the hard hose out of the way to harvest. Dad went on over to Talawanda to work ground. The soil is pretty good, a little concerned about construction debris that we may find disking. He worked all day and will finish tomorrow. Started the TL on it’s return trip down the field. I usually shut the water off around dark. I’ll let it go late if it can finish it’s run.

Wednesday August 31st

We had a little rain this morning. Maybe a tenth or so, I didn’t look at the rain gauge. We cut sod before the rain got heavier this morning. It sure would be nice to get a good rain. Travis made the comment that we could water all day and it still wouldn’t be as nice as a good rain. Dad finished working ground at THS about noon today. Next week we will take our finish tool over and put a good finish to the areas to be seeded. We cut sod this afternoon for a late pickup. We didn’t run any water today, we’ll start again tomorrow.

This is my last day to post. When I was in college on an internship I was required to record my daily activities. I haven’t done that consistently since college. A diary is a little more descriptive than notes recorded in a date book. Additionally I found myself describing activities quite a bit more for you. I hope you found our daily activities interesting, and not over explained and boring. I like raising grass and I hope you enjoyed reading about it. 

PS. The raccoons are still in the barn.

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