There's so much information about farming online. Here's an Ohio Farm Bureau guide to discovering.

A farm guide to the social web

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Farmers, agribusinesses, agriculture leaders and farm organizations have built an expansive and valuable Internet presence. With so much information about farming online, many farmers just starting to explore this digital world are left to wonder where to start.


Twitter gives access to influential thought leaders in every industry and niche. Find everyone from elected officials and agency administrators to Extension educators, fellow farmers and consumers.

Where to start:

  • Search for #farm and #agchat on Twitter to find links to the latest news, information and opinions about agriculture from farmers and other professionals nationwide.
  • The AgBlogFeed on Twitter provides some of the best links to farm and ag-related blog posts from across the web as they are posted.


Where to start:

  • Search for your favorite news sources, magazines, radio and TV stations and agricultural organizations.
  • By “Liking” Facebook Pages of your favorite sources of information, your Facebook News Feed will deliver valuable news of the day you want to receive from the sources you trust.


A blog is different than a traditional website because the content revolves around a person, their life and their unique views of a subject.

Where to start:

  • The Dairy Mom – Ohio Farm Bureau member Brenda Hastings blogs about her family dairy farm and her experience as a mother working on the farm on 
  • The Social Silo –  Farm and Dairy newspaper’s writers and editor give their personal perspectives on hot topics, events and other agricultural musings on the paper’s blog, “The Social Silo.”
  • The Mobile Farmer – The Mobile Farmer blog bills itself as a “place for people in agriculture to share ideas and concepts around the topic of mobile technology.”
  • Agvocate Farmer – Ohio Farm Bureau member Nicki Gordon-Coy is a physics, chemistry and biology teacher and also a small farmer raising three kids with her husband Jim. Her blog reflects on the issues affecting the lives of farmers and ranchers.
  • Local Food Mom  – Ohio Farm Bureau member Kristin Reese is a realtor, mother and family farmer, blogging her adventures on the farm in Licking County.
  • Bringing Home the Bacon  – Ohio Farm Bureau member Holly Michael is a public relations professional living on a hog farm in southwest Ohio. She blogs about “my crazy life as a farm wife, mother and corporate flack.”
  • Acorns for Thought  – Ohio Farm Bureau member Charles Wildman raises pigs, corn and soybeans in western Ohio and has four children representing the seventh generation on the farm.
  • Harrison Farm: Goat Adventures! – Ohio Farm Bureau member Katherine Harrison blogs about her adventures, experiences and thoughts as a goatherd and butcher on her family’s farm.
  • Dial Dairy – See what’s happening at Dial Dairy Farm, owned and operated by Ohio Farm Bureau members Allen and Diane Hartschuh and family.
  • FarmerBloggers – Created by several farmers who have a passion to tell their stories and connect with those interested in farms and farm life, brings together many of the great farmer blogs together into one site.

Other Resources

  • Michele Payn-Knoper’s Cause Matters Agrifood Resources – Discover the great people in agriculture, get agricultural advocacy ideas, find farm and food blogs, Facebook Pages and more from across the United States and Canada in this deep and well-managed directory.
  • AgChat Foundation – Founded by a group of farmers passionate about helping others share their stories online, the AgChat Foundation’s goal is to empower a connected community of agvocates (agricultural advocates). Blog posts describe ways and methods to get involved in sharing your story online, and the Foundation hosts training sessions and conferences to equip farmers with the knowhow and confidence to use their voices online. 

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More information

  • Learn the ins and outs of creating, building, managing and maintaining an official Facebook Business Page with Ohio Farm Bureau’s newest guide. Call 614-246-8233 or email [email protected] to get your copy.
  • Learn how to best use social media to your benefit with hands-on, in-person instruction and training from Ohio Farm Bureau’s award-winning social media team. Whether it’s learning how to use Facebook or Twitter, running a business page for your farm or county Farm Bureau, or regularly working social media into your county Farm Bureau activities, Ohio Farm Bureau staff is here to help. Contact your county Farm Bureau, call 614-246-8233 or email [email protected] to set up training in your area.

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