County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting Election Results

Four trustee positions for the County Farm Bureau Board were filled in the election held at the county Farm Bureau annual meeting Sept. 26, 2011. 

Elected to serve a three-year term are (L-R) Tom Washtock, Bob Tuma, Gerald Wilson, and Thomas Kaskey.  Each year at least four trustee positions on the County Farm Bureau board are up for election.   In addition, Thomas Kaskey and Dennis Eck were elected to serve as delegates, representing the Cuyahoga Farm Bureau along with President David Peth at the 2012 Ohio Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. 

In addition, policy was reviewed by the membership and will serve as a guide for programs and activities in the 2011-12 program year. 

Guest Speaker Jan Rybka, the District Adminstrator for the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District gave an overview of the Soil and Water in Cuyahoga County and expressed appreciation for the previous project partnerships between Farm Bureau and Soil and Water.







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