ACTION ALERT: Free Trade Agreements vote near

Ohio Farm Bureau members are urged to contact their legislators in Washington, D.C. as Congress nears a vote on three Free Trade Agreements beneficial to agriculture and the economy.

It is estimated that $3 billion in additional exports, economic development and jobs will be gained through the passage and implementation of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Korea, Panama and Colombia.

On Monday, October 3, President Obama submitted the three pending trade agreements with Colombia, Korea and Panama to Congress for consideration. The House of Representatives quickly took action on the submission, passing them from committee. Senate committee action is expected in the next few days, clearing the way for the agreements to move to the full House and Senate for a vote expected either Wednesday, Oct. 12, or Thursday, Oct. 13.

The three trade agreements will be part of a package that includes Trade Adjustment Assistance. While we are not sure of the sequence of the votes, we do know there will be four separate votes and they will happen in tandem. Farm Bureau supports the Colombia, Korea and Panama trade agreements and Trade Adjustment Assistance.

For more details on the impact of these FTAs, read the Ohio Farm Bureau Free Trade Agreement Action Alert, and refer to the Ohio Farm Bureau’s Trade Matters Resource Page.

Two important steps you can take to let our policymakers know Trade Matters:

1. Access Ohio Farm Bureau’s online Legislative Action Center to quickly and easily e-mail your U.S. Senators and Representatives to encourage their support of the Korea, Panama and Colombia Free Trade Agreements.

2. Discuss the importance of passing these important trade agreements with your U.S. Senators and Representatives by calling their office.

Click here to take action now at Ohio Farm Bureau’s Online Action Center


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For More Information, please contact:

Adam Sharp

Senior Director of National Affairs

Phone: 614-246-8278

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