Extension Connection will be published quarterly in Ohio Farm Bureau's Buckeye Farm News

A new partnership with an old friend

Buckeye Farm News

A message from OFBF Executive Vice President Jack Fisher

Beginning in 1906, Ohio State University’s “Agricultural Extension trains” traveled across Ohio to take farming knowledge to the countryside. With the November issue of Buckeye Farm News, OSU Extension continues its proud tradition of putting useful information into the hands of farmers.

Inside the issue you’ll find the first edition of Extension Connection, produced by Extension and delivered exclusively to Ohio Farm Bureau members inside Buckeye Farm News. This partnership is certainly not new. As agricultural educators toured Ohio in the early 1900s to help farmers, they also fostered the idea that farmers should organize so they could help themselves. In 1919 during Farmers’ Week at Ohio State University, leaders of 76 county Farm Bureaus and crop improvement associations voted to form the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

Since then, Extension and Farm Bureau have been partners in making life better for farmers and all Ohioans. Each has a different mission and different responsibilities but the goal is a shared one. Including Extension information and insight in Farm Bureau’s widely read newspaper will benefit both organizations, but more importantly, it will benefit you, the reader.

Extension Connection will be published quarterly and it’s my hope you’ll be a part of making it as relevant and useful as possible. Tell us and Extension what you’re interested in, what topics need to be covered and what information you want to read about.

E-mail your ideas for Extension Connection. Our goal, and that of Extension, is to make this publication a valued contributor to your success. Please join me in welcoming Ohio State University Extension to the pages of Buckeye Farm News and let us know what you want to see.

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