New farm bill may soon become a reality

Buckeye Farm News

Every four or five years, Congress passes a new farm bill.

“The current bill, which is set to expire in 2012, is something that is always at the top of the priority list of issues for Ohio Farm Bureau and American Farm Bureau”, said Adam Sharp, Ohio Farm Bureau’s senior director of legislative and regulatory policy. “The construction of the 2012 Farm Bill is different from any previous piece of legislation. With the debate earlier in the year over whether or not the U.S. debt ceiling should be raised, a new committee, commonly referred to as the super committee, was created with the charge of finding ways to cut at least $1.2 trillion in government spending.”

The committee has included the farm bill into this package, and has a couple of options. It could take the entire farm bill, make the cuts  it deems necessary and present it to Congress for an up or down vote. Or it can establish a budgeted amount and present the bill back to Congress to draft the language within those parameters. Farm Bureau has been very active in the discussions and continues to closely monitor the actions on the bill.

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