Steve Rasmussen

Rasmussen: Farm Bureau put Nationwide on path to serve customers

Buckeye Farm News

Nationwide CEO Steve Rasmussen said the company has had good business across the country and feels good about its growth. Specifically, he highlighted a new Master Certified Farm Agent program and estate planning services.

Referencing Nationwide’s service to policyholders, Rasmussen said being a mutual company is all about doing the right things for people in a time of need.

“These are people’s lives and this is what we do, and that’s what the vision of the Farm Bureau was when they started Nationwide and said that we need to find ways to do together what we can’t do individually and help take care of each other,” he said.

Rasmussen thanked Farm Bureau members for their partnership and the organization’s vision to establish a mutual company with the capital strength to serve people without “worrying about quarterly earnings and not worrying about Wall Street, but frankly, worrying about our customers.”

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