2011 Year in Review — OFBF submits arguments to Supreme Court

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One case challenged the private property rights of landowners along Lake Erie. OFBF filed an amicus brief in the case at the request of the Lake County Farm Bureau.

The chief concern centered on arguments being advanced by the state of Ohio and environmental groups that, if accepted by the court, would have stripped farmers and other landowners of their private ownership of the riverbeds, streambeds and lake beds of all “navigable” rivers, streams and in-land lakes in Ohio.

OFBF had filed an amicus brief in another case, in which the Ohio Supreme Court ultimately agreed with a winery’s argument that it is exempt from local zoning regulations. The decision was a strong affirmation of right to farm policy by Ohio’s highest court.

The Ohio Supreme Court sided with OFBF’s position in a third case supporting compensation for landowners whose property was flooded as the result of a new spillway that was constructed on an Ohio lake.

Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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