Forging a partnership — 2011 Year in Review

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For more than 90 years, Ohio Farm Bureau has been advancing the promise of one of its original membership advertisements, which offered a “chance to show you really are in earnest in helping to make farming a stable, dependable business, of making the farm an attractive worthwhile place for the best of men to spend their lives.”

Since then we’ve worked on policies and programs to remove uncertainty from investment and overcome barriers to opportunities. We’ve issued an open invitation to anyone offering insight on a problem, so we could begin weighing solutions. But today, more than ever, our progress depends on untangling a complex web of individual values.

We approach this discussion with a belief that farming is fundamental to our quality of life. And, therefore, our work is not simply self-serving.

Questions of food and agriculture, land and environment, resources and opportunities are questions for all Ohioans. Recognizing this, Ohio Farm Bureau’s mission to “forge a partnership between farmers and consumers” puts momentum behind solutions that are good for all.

As we explore a path forward, the partnership we seek is one that will illuminate possibilities.

It is why Ohio Farm Bureau is working to enhance connections between farmers and their communities. Because we believe we can grow together.

Under the direction of Ohio farmers and in cooperation with their communities, we are working on many fronts to carry out Ohio Farm Bureau’s mission.  We are focused on strong relationships, a viable future, a sound organization and a balanced ecology.  


Take a look at Ohio Farm Bureau’s 2011 Year in Review



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