Representative Stivers Visit

On Friday, Jan. 6, Rep. Steve Stivers came to Pickaway County to meet with the agricultural community. The congressman meet with over 40 of our members at Norm Dresbach’s farm in Circleville.

He meet with everyone individually and then did a group question and answer time. Our members had some really great questions. Steve answered questions about the upcoming 2012 Farm Bill. He also answered questions concerning the current leadership, energy, child labor laws, the EPA and many other important aspects to our farmers. Steve shared with us that he is getting ready to propose a bill about energy which allows for off shore drilling and becoming less dependent on foreign countries.

After a long question and answer period, we ended the meeting. Some members went home, but many stayed to continue discussing important items with the congressman.

Pickaway County Farm Bureau would like to thank Norm for hosting us at his farm for this event. We would also like to thank all of our members in attendance.

It is important that our members are involved in policy. Being a grassroots organization means we must start right here with each and every one of our members.