Membership Kick-Off Meeting

Membership Campaign is Underway in Huron County

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, Huron County Farm Bureau kicked off its 2012 membership campaign by hosting a dinner at North Fairfield United Methodist Church where more than 20 people met to discuss the campaign and goals for the year.  Discussion included upcoming campaign check-in dates, county awards and Ohio Farm Bureau Federation awards, distribution of worker folders and what information is included, discussion of membership numbers, and an explanation of the Erie, Huron & Lorain county member benefits brochure.  Campaign workers were also informed of the benefits of meeting with prospective members and prospect lists were distributed to workers.

Goals discussed for this year include attaining farmer gain by March 30, having 38 productive workers by August 31, strengthening the relationship with local Nationwide agents & staff, urging board members to recruit 2 new productive workers and involving more young people in the membership campaign.

If you are interested in helping with the membership campaign or would like more information please contact the Huron County Farm Bureau office at 888-292-6442 or [email protected].