Ohio Farm Bureau's “Farmer’s Guide to Truck and Farm Implement Laws and Regulations

New Farm Bureau guide helps keep Ohio farmers trucking

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Ohio farmers and truck drivers who regularly haul products throughout the state have a new guide to stay in compliance with laws and regulations, helping them spend more time on the road, and less time stopped by law enforcement on the side of it.

“We’ve noticed over the past several years that we’ve gotten more and more questions about transportation issues…things like CDL questions, truck weights, and federal trucking regulations,” said Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) Director of Legal Education Leah Curtis in an audio interview with OFBF Communications Specialist Chip Nelson. “As law enforcement steps up on those issues, and as people are moving across the state and across the country with their product …we wanted to provide something for our members to help them with those issues.”

The result is a small, easy-to-use guidebook, titled the “Farmer’s Guide to Truck and Farm Implement Laws and Regulations.” The 38-page spiral bound notebook outlines laws and regulations that rule the road as farmers and truckers travel across the state.

“We purposely designed (the guide) so it would fit in your glove box, in the visor of your car or truck, and that way it’s always handy for you,” said Curtis. “If you have a question while you’re on the road, you can look it up. If you get stopped by enforcement and you have a question about it, you can look it up and show them as well.”

While there usually aren’t a lot of changes to trucking laws and regulations, Curtis said that what has changed is the enforcement, particularly toward the “commercial end of the trucking industry.” But since farmers truck so often, she said they may get caught in situations where they aren’t always aware the rules apply to them.

“Anybody that is driving or hauling should really have a copy (of the guide), and have one available in the truck, and maybe also at the home base as well so they can look before they leave and also while they are on the road,” said Curtis. “That way, they have a resource they can use.”


Contact your county Farm Bureau office to obtain a copy of “Farmer’s Guide to Truck and Farm Implement Laws and Regulations”– The guide is available for $1.50 for Ohio Farm Bureau members and $5 for non-members plus shipping and handling.



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