Hundreds came out to hear Dale Arnold speak.

Oil and Gas Leasing Meeting Had Large Turnout

LOGAN — Property owners need to educate themselves and hire a good attorney before signing a lease agreement with an oil and gas company. That was the message heard by hundreds of people at the Marion Township Building Wednesday evening when Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Director of Energy Policy Dale Arnold spoke.

“I’m going to tell you a series of questions you need to ask key people, and based on the answers you get you are going to be able to make some determinations yourself. Knowledge is power,” he said, explaining that landowners who aren’t prepared might end up on the losing end of a deal.

Arnold wasn’t advocating either for or against oil and gas drilling, but wanted to give property owners the facts so everyone can make an informed decision.

Drilling technology and techniques have changed over the past several decades and some of the most technologically advanced companies have a 98 percent drilling success rate, he said. “They know where they need to go. Think about that for a minute.”

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