Knollman Farms, of Hamilton, Ohio, received the 2011 Ohio Livestock Coalition (OLC) Neighbor of the Year Award.

Neighbor of the Year Award nominations being accepted

County Farm Bureau members, community leaders and members of the Ohio Livestock Coalition have the opportunity to recognize efforts neighbors have made in rural Ohio to positively develop and enhance relationships and communications. The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) and the Ohio Livestock Coalition (OLC) sponsor the annual Neighbor of the Year Award, one awarded to a nonfarmer resident and one to a livestock farmer.

David White, senior director at OFBF and executive director of OLC, said, “Being a good neighbor means being responsible, courteous and respectful of others, as well as private property and the need for farmers to safeguard their businesses that will help preserve the rural landscape. Award recipients serve as excellent mentors for other farmers and rural nonfarm residents to look up to and follow.”

OLC encourages all rural residents to follow good neighbor practices in a positive manner that will benefit all. A list of tips to be a good neighbor are available to download in the links on the left side of this page.

To qualify for the Neighbor of the Year Award, rural resident candidates must abide by the code of practices for rural residents/country dwellers. Livestock farmer candidates must be livestock producers and abide by the code of practices for farmers to qualify, and candidates who have participated in the Livestock Environmental Assurance Program is preferred but not required.

OFBF and OLC members must submit nominations by July 2, and the winners will be recognized at the OLC Annual Meeting and Industry Symposium Sept. 7. Each recipient will receive a plaque and a $250 donation made to their favorite local charity.


Download Ohio Livestock Coalition Neighbor of the Year nomination forms & informational flyer.

Contact Amy Hurst at 614-246-8662.

Visit the Ohio Livestock Coalition Neighbor of the Year Award page.






Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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