Sen. Dave Daniels was introduced as the new Director of Ohio Agriculture during Ag Day at the Capitol.

Ohio Farm Bureau members meet legislators during annual Ag Day at the Capitol

Hundreds of farmers, lawmakers and guests gathered on Wednesday to discuss taxes, energy issues, water quality and nutrient management, elections and the 2012 Farm Bill. Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s (OFBF) annual Ag Day at the Capitol event gives farmers a chance to review current issues and to meet face to face with their lawmakers.

“It’s a great way to interact with your legislator,” said Jefferson County Farm Bureau member Sherry Finney, who recently had a new lawmaker appointed to her district. “I had not gotten a chance to meet him before. It was a good opportunity to establish a relationship with him.”

Also during the event, Dave Daniels was introduced as the new director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

“As a farmer, small businessman and elected official, Sen. Daniels has proven his leadership ability and has demonstrated a deep understanding of agriculture and the food industry’s economic and social importance to our state,” said OFBF Executive Vice President Jack Fisher. “We believe Ohio’s consumers and farmers will be well served by Mr. Daniels’ leadership of this vital agency.”


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