$1,000 Scholarship Available for Qualifying Students


Carroll County Farm Bureau will be awarding a study grant in the amount of $1,000 for qualified students from Carroll County who are or will be pursuing further education. Electronic requests may be honored by emailing [email protected]. The academic grant will be awarded to one student based on the following qualifications:

  • 1. High School seniors or graduates planning to attend or having entered an accredited institution offering post-secondary education.
  • 2. The student must be a Carroll County resident and Farm Bureau member or his/her parents must be Carroll County Farm Bureau members for at least two consecutive years.
  • 3. The application must be filled out as completely as possible for full evaluation and possible award. Two letters of reference must be included.
  • 4. The committee will judge based on evidence of deliberate research and thoughtful analysis as well as writing quality. We are not looking for any specific answer or opinion.

Questions may be directed to the Carroll County Farm Bureau at 888.265.2090.



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