Pat O'Brien Chevrolet Truck with banners at the

County Farm Bureau and Local GM dealership work together for their community

When the new $500 General Motors discount for Ohio Farm Bureau members was recently announced, Pat O’Brien Chevrolet reached out to partner with the Medina County Farm Bureau. The first fruits of the partnership have resulted in up to a $5,000 assist to the local community through the “Farmers Feed Our Needs” program.

Bringing Buehler’s Fresh Food Markets into the fold, Medina County Farm Bureau and Pat O’Brien Chevrolet conducted a local Super Bowl weekend food drive to benefit ‘Feeding Medina County,’ an initiative to make more food available to all of the county’s food pantries.

On Feb. 5, Pat O’Brien Chevrolet loaned a truck to park outside of a local Buehler’s with banners displaying “Farmers Feed Our Needs” and the new GM Ohio Farm Bureau member benefit. The truck was also used as the collection vehicle for all of the canned goods that were donated.

“When the (county Farm Bureau) committee decided to do the Farmers Feed Our Needs project I mentioned to them that a Chevy or GMC pickup might be a good collection station,” said Medina County Organization Director John Fitzpatrick. “(Medina County Farm Bureau President) Debbie Indoe had just ordered a new truck from Pat O’Brien and could immediately follow up on that idea. The dealership was more than willing to work with us and had run canned food drives in previous years.”

Approximately 1,000 pounds of food was collected at the food drive, with Medina County Farm Bureau adding a check for $780 to match the value of the groceries collected. The cash could be used at cooperating food banks to maximize the money. Feeding Medina County estimated that the donated food and cash would produce $4,000 to $5,000 of food.

“Had we not been able to have the new truck sitting in front of Buehler’s with banners proclaiming the food drive and the member benefit, we would probably have used a tractor and wagon,” Fitzpatrick said. “The effect with the clientele of that particular Buehler’s location would not have been as favorable to our goals for the day.”

The partnership was also an opportunity for Farm Bureau and Pat O’Brien to promote the value of each other, along with the new member benefit. Medina County Farm Bureau also set up a table to answer questions about membership at the event, which resulted in 15 renewals of Farm Bureau membership, along with four new members joining the organization.

Fitzpatrick said the county Farm Bureau will “most definitely” continue building upon their partnership with Pat O’Brien Chevrolet. “We have already talked to them, and looked at various events in our plan of work to see how both of us may be able to capitalize on a partnership,” he said.


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