HEAR on the Farm – Earn $

Ohio Farm Bureau mebers and participate in a hearing-loss study, HEAR on the Farm.

HEAR on the Farm is a web-based study being offered to farmers in the interest of reducing noise-related hearing losses among producers by increasing their use of hearing protection devices. The University created the program with funds from the National Institutes of Health and in collaboration with the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Producers who enroll in the study will be able to contribute to that effort while earning money for your Farm Bureau safety programs. They also can earn as much as $40 for participating.

Interested farmers can get details at hearonthefarm.org; use the access code “saveears” to enroll. Or contact study administrators at [email protected]

The HEAR on the Farm website presents information about hearing protection devices, how they work and how to overcome barriers to using them. The site also demonstrates common farm noises and how they can be damaging to the ears. It describes how noise-induced hearing loss happens, and how to prevent it.  Participants must be 18+ years old, spend time in an agriculture-based setting, and have access to the internet and email.  At a minimum, participants access the website at baseline, six months, and twelve months.

Here’s a summary of our enrollment procedures.

1. Point your browser to www.hearonthefarm.org.

2. Enter the access code (saveears).

3. Answer the simple eligibility questions (e.g., you are at least age 18, you work on a farm).

4. Information about your rights as a research participant are presented; you are offered the opportunity to indicate “I   agree.”

5. You will then find 5 to 10 minutes’ worth of questions about your noise exposure and use of hearing protection.  After that, the computer will randomly assign you to one of five study groups; some participants will be directed to an opportunity to learn more about noise on the farm and hearing protection.  You are now eligible for the first incentive of $10.