Butler County Farm Bureau to Host Pipeline Meeting

A new energy transport line, Enterprise Liquids Pipeline, is now being surveyed through the county. The initial survey is an important time when you can meet company representative, write down names, contact information, and begin to discuss specifics of your farm. The pipeline may generally follow the REX easement, but there is no guarantee. Since this an intrastate line, requirements for public meetings and notification are not as regulated as they were for REX. An example is the company is not required to give you a map of the route before construction or to hold public meetings.  

You are invited to attend a special pipeline construction briefing sponsored by Butler County Farm Bureau, with the help of Butler Soil and Water District, and OSU Extension. It will be held on March 29 at 7:00 P M at the Princeton Rd Campus, 1802 Princeton Rd. Hamilton, home of FSA, SWCD, and OSU Extension. 

Dale Arnold, Ohio Farm Bureau Director for Energy, Utility, and Local Government Issues, will facilitate the meeting. Lloyd Harrison, Field Project Manager for the pipeline will be with us for the meeting. Local SWCD staff will tell you what we learned from the REX line and give details on proper remediation on this new line. It is a good sign that Mr. Harrison is willing to participate in our meeting.

Now is not the time to sign a complex agreement or associated paperwork with the company. You should have legal counsel examine all materials. Take your time; it is still early in the process. Many aspects of the contract are negotiable, if you are willing to ask. This Farm Bureau meeting will help you understand what you need to know before you sign an agreement.

Energy service providers are revisiting areas of Western Ohio where land energy exploration leases were signed in the last century. If someone signed an easement for energy exploration on your property, even back in the 50’s, it may still be valid. If you receive a check from an energy company for rent in the arrears, for the easement, do not cash it! If you do, you might be locked into a lease for $1 per acre and a small percentage of the energy found. Leases are now being signed for thousands of dollars per acre per year in eastern Ohio. We will also touch on energy exploration leases on the 29th even though we do not know if any leases will be activated or signed in Butler County.

Make reservations at Butler County Farm Bureau, 513-844-8371 by Thursday March 28th.

Steve Bartels

Butler County Farm Bureau Public Policy Action Team

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