Land As Your Legacy

Ohio Farm Bureau and Nationwide Insuance have a family like relationship. Since OFBF started Nationwide, Nationwide has always stood by Farm Bureau and supported our members.

One of the many things they help us with is informing our members of important features of being a policyholder and helping members to plan their future.

Thursday, March 15, the Ross County Farm Bureau and Pickaway County Farm Bureau teamed up with Joel Gerber, John Wilber and Todd Ruff’s Nationwide Agencies. Nationwide brought in an expert on “estate planning for farmers.” The members were walked through how they should be preparing their lives and their farms for the future.

We had a great turnout of members to come and benefit from the presentation. Several actually wanted to set up appointments to have a financial member look further into their specific situation and help them plan their future.

Thank you to all of those who made it possible.