Briefs: AFBF criticizes proposed EPA guidelines, century farm stories wanted

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AFBF criticizes proposed EPA guidelines

The Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Water Act Protection Guide” is one step closer to being implemented, and that is a big concern for landowners because it would expand EPA’s regulatory reach under the Clean Water Act.

“This is going to allow EPA and the Corps of Engineers to regulate features that have only water in them during a short duration after a rainfall,” said Don Parrish, AFBF regulatory specialist.

According to Parrish, this is not what Congress intended when it wrote the law and would require landowners to get expensive permits to use their own land.

“The state and local governments are in a better position to balance out economic growth, environmental concerns and the social implications of these policies. EPA, they’re going to entangle farmers and ranchers in a bureaucratic mess. It’s the wrong approach and it’s not going to protect water. It’s going to have, I believe, a more detrimental impact because we’re going to be protecting things that aren’t important at the detriment of utilizing resources to protect things that are,” Parrish said.

Century farm stories wanted for website

An interactive website launched by the American Farm Bureau Federation for Agriculture last year to celebrate century farms will be expanded with more articles and videos, according to the foundation, and it’s seeking recommendations of century farms to feature on the site. Century farms are those that have been in operation by the same family for more than 100 years.

Farms and ranches that have remained in the same family for generations are proof of agriculture’s sustainability, according to AFBF President Bob Stallman. Century farm families can nominate their farms for a feature on the website at Agriculture’s Lasting Heritage or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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