Rep. Latta with OFBF's Adam Sharp and county presidents during their trip to D.C.

Ohio lawmakers pressure Department of Labor on revised ag youth labor rules

Tuesday, March 20, on behalf farm families throughout Ohio, members of the Ohio Republican congressional delegation submitted a letter and a booklet of hundreds of comments to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis from constituents who oppose the proposed rulemaking that would limit the activities children can participate in on family farms.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) and Ohio Association of Agricultural Educators (OAAE) collected the comments in February. County Farm Bureau presidents hand delivered the booklets to their elected officials during the annual county presidents’ trip to Washington, D.C. in early March.

“Farmers across the state are deeply concerned with this proposed measure that would limit the ability of our youth to gain valuable experience on Ohio’s family farms.” said Adam Sharp, vice president of public policy at OFBF.

“Ohio Farm Bureau members asked for help from our Ohio congressional delegation and this action today, led by Rep. Bob Latta, demonstrates a commitment by these members of Congress to push back on over-burdensome and unwarranted federal bureaucracy,” said Sharp.

The proposed rule would restrict children younger than 16 years old from working on family farms unless the farms were owned solely by their parents.

“When Secretary Solis flips through constituents’ comments, she will quickly understand that the labor rules proposed from Washington not only stifle the ag industry but prevent our nation from building the next generation of family farmers,” said Latta, who led the congressional delegation on the letter.

Farmers welcomed news that the Department of Labor will reconsider rules regarding youth working on farms, but concerns about the proposal remain.


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