Feed grains advisory team being briefed on the farm bill by Dr. Carl Zulauf of OSU

Advisory Teams meet as Ohio Farm Bureau policy development process begins

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s (OFBF) policy development process has begun and will continue through December. One part of the policy development process, advisory teams, have been meeting throughout March.

Advisory teams are groups of Farm Bureau members who discuss current issues within the team’s area of expertise.

Sandy Kuhn, Ohio Farm Bureau’s director of commodity relations, said advisory teams and are organized by policy and issue areas. Seven teams are active this year: Feed-grain crops, equine, specialty crops and labor, livestock, rural development and energy, natural resources and dairy.

Teams will develop and recommend suggestions or clarifications in the implementation of existing policies to OFBF’s policy development committee. They also recommend any programming or activities needed.

Kuhn said members of advisory teams also have several other responsibilities. Prior to their meeting, they are expected to participate in a conference call to recommend topics and speakers that are relevant to team issues, and develop an agenda for the yearly meeting.

Team members also are responsible to report the team’s activities to county Farm Bureau public policy action teams and board of trustees.

“We want to thank all of our advisory team members for their commitment to serving on a team and making their voices heard in determining future OFBF and American Farm Bureau policy, as well as programs. We know that it takes time away from their farms and businesses and we want to thank them for their service,” Kuhn said.

Advisory team members are appointed for two-year terms and may only be reappointed for one additional more term, for a maximum of four consecutive years, on the same team.

Teams typically only meet once per year but may be called upon to provide input on issues pertinent to their team as the need arises. Often this is accomplished through a conference call.

Advisory teams are not the same as advisory councils. Councils are groups of people often from the same county who meet regularly to develop camaraderie and community, and to discuss farm and family issues. Teams are statewide and only meet once a year to discuss policy issues. If you are interested in serving on an advisory team, contact your county Farm Bureau office, or 614-246-8262.


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Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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