Policy Development Breakfast

Come join the Fairfield County Farm Bureau for a Policy Development Breakfast, Thursday April 5th.

We would like you to bring your opinions and comments on what Farm Bureau should be focused on in policy for this next year. We would love for you to join us so that we can collectively hear our local, state and federal policy development needs.

Farm Bureau is known to be a grassroots organization. Because of this, we strive to include our members and community leaders in our policy making process. Every year we host a policy development meeting to hear the concerns of our elected officials and community leaders. We need your opinions so that we can start our policy development process. Please RSVP to 740-474-6284 by April 2, 2012 so we can reserve your spot for breakfast.

We will be starting at 7:30 a.m. at Ag Center on College Ave in Lancaster. Kristin Reese will be catering breakfast for us!