Policy Development Breakfast a Success!

What an awesome policy development breakfast we had!

We had more than 20 people in attendance The group consisted of Farm Bureau members, local citizens, local elected officials, state elected officials and  U.S. elected officials.

After everyone helped themselves to a delicous breakfast buffet catered by one of our members, Kristin Reese,  Roger Wolfe, Fairfield County Farm Bureau Public Policy Leader, started the meeting. We went around the table person by person. Everyone had a chance to share their concerns about the local policies needed as well as voice their concerns with our state and U.S. officials about other concerns.

Budgets and funding were two of the concerns that a majority of those in attendance voiced their opinion about. We also covered information on the federal estate tax, the child labor laws, education to our students at a younger age as well as how to work with less money on a local level.

If you couldn’t make it to the meeting and you would like to share your opinions and concerns, please email Anna Hall and we will get your concerns in before we develop the policies for this year’s annual meeting.

Thank you to all of those who came. We truly appreciate everyone showing up. Everyone from Congressmen Stivers, to State Senator Troy Balderson, to local representatives! We had a great group of individuals voice their concerns and everyone of them is appreciated!