Great Programs – Be Ready

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Some great programs coming your way….

Policy development sessions are in the works for June. Want to be involved? Let us know!

Our Ice Cream Social will be in a new location this year (no longer at Bockelman’s Lawn and Garden Center).

We’ve got the Tractor show on April 21, as well as Ponderosa in June (say “Steak your claim, thank a farmer and Farm Bureau receives 10  percent, which then goes to our scholarship fund!). We’ve got some new celebrities ready to visit!

Also, our Annual Meeting will be in a new location – Vernon’s.

Don’t forget our good friends at OSU Extension and Soil and Water. They’ve got some great programs regarding Woodland Stewardship as well as Oil and Gas (in May). Just follow the links to register and to get more information!