FARM FACTOR: Progressive Dinner

Ross County Farm Bureau is planning an event for this summer. On July 22 we will be hosting a Progressive Farm Dinner.

We will be having a four-course meal while traveling to four different farms around Ross County. The goal is to have fresh, local food at every farm for every course. We want to make this a fun family event that will provide a community atmosphere as well as an educational piece about Ross County agriculture and where our food comes from. We will also be tying in an “Amazing Race” feature to keep it fun! The top families that learn the most from their farm visits and about the food they enjoyed will win a prize.

Now that you know our goal this is what we need: We need local farmers willing to help. We need local food, farms for location stops as well as your wealth of knowledge to share with our visitors. We also need your input. What would you like us to incorporate? How can we make this more fun? Would you like to donate your time to help?

Please contact Anna Hall with your thoughts and ideas at 740-474-6284 or email her at [email protected].