Members of the Cuyahoga Farm Bureau Equine Committee visit with Chester and Sgt Mike Medwid

Cleveland Mounted Police Unit Reactivated – July 7 benefit horse show planned

The Cleveland Mounted Police Unit has been re-activated and is gearing up for a busy summer.   Newly appointed to the unit just seven weeks ago, Sgt. Mike Medwid indicated, “the goal is to have 10 to 12 horses on patrol.  A percheron will be added to stable next week.” 

Training the horses and officers as riders is managed by Sgt. Abe Cortes, who has been with the unit for 14 years. 

“We currently have five officers riding the area from Public Square to Playhouse Square,” Medwid said.  The mounted unit will increase its visibility around Public Square with the Horseshoe Casino opening later this month.

Members of the Cuyahoga Farm Bureau Equine Advisory Committee visited with Sgt. Medwid and Sgt. Cortes to share details about a fun horse show planned for July 7 at the county fairgrounds.  Proceeds from the horse show will benefit the Cleveland Mounted Police Unit to help with the purchase of additional horses to add to their detail.

To become a sponsor of the Mounted Unit or if you have a horse you would like to donate, please visit the Cleveland Mounted Police website.

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