All About Herbs Had Amazing Turnout!

Thursday, May 3, Pickaway County Farm Bureau partnered with Rhoads Garden Center in Circleville. The event, All About Herbs, drew 55 people from more than five counties. We only had two empty seats available. What a great turnout!

As everyone registered, they had the opportunity to take lots of information about different herbs as well as recipes. When everyone was registered and seated, the employees of the Garden Center helped pass out Lemonade with Mint for everyone to drink as well as a bottle of water. We were afraid the rain might hurt us earlier in the week. However, we never expected it to be 90 degrees!

The manager of the garden center, Carly Neff, spoke to the group about several important aspects of herbs. She started with how and where to grow them. She also talked about how to care for the types of herbs, how to cook with them as well as how to store them. Harvesting the herbs for different types of cooking was also a big topic. We also had a question and answer period for the attendees. Many had questions about cooking as well as caring for herbs.

After Carly finished answering all of the questions, we dismissed the attendees to fill up on recipes: herb biscuits and herb butter, tomato basil soup, pulled pork with an herb rub, strawberries with mint whipped cream and herb de-stressing oil per Dr. Oz’s recipes.

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