Our Ohio Spotlights Garman Feed and Supply!

Those interested in learning about how farmers in the local community are working together should read the latest issue of Our Ohio magazine. This month’s issue features Garman Feed & Supply, a company focused on meeting the needs of the local farming community for the last 35 years.

Garman Feed & Supply, located in Greenfield, provides area farmers with customized feed for goats, chickens, and other animals. The company also helps farmers maintain their land’s soil nutrients and suggests the types of seed to buy accordingly. 

During the growing season, they help farmers maintain their crops with fertilizer and weed control programs.  The company helps to ensure that area farmers can provide a safe and abundant supply of food that eventually ends up on consumer’s plates.

“We know what our customers need and can guarantee the best quality,” said Adam Garman who plays an integral part in the family operation.  “We like to make sure we have a relationship with our customers and that they’re not just a number.”

The feedback from local customers is that the Garmans are knowledgeable and very helpful. They make themselves available during off hours and on weekends, as they know that farming is not a 9-to-5 job, a trait that their customers value.

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