Shoppers buying fresh, local food at Clinton County Farmers' Market

Clinton County series to answer fresh, local foods questions

In response to a growing number of questions about affordability and preparation of fresh, local foods, two Clinton County organizations are collaborating to provide an opportunity for questions to be answered. Clinton County Farm Bureau and Clinton County Farmers’ Market will hold the first presentation of “Fast Food from the Farm,” a monthly Grow and Know series of local foods cooking demonstrations, June 16.

“The goal of the demonstrations is to show our customers how to make simple, fast and affordable recipes using fresh goods from local producers,” said Dessie Buchanan, co-executive director of Clinton County Farmers’ Market board of directors.

“Fast Food from the Farm” demonstrations will occur monthly from June through September. Each month will feature a different local chef who will be given $30 to purchase fresh products from market vendors and then hold a cooking demonstration using the products purchased.

At each event, market shoppers will be provided a menu with recipes used in the demonstration, information about the farms that produced the food used, a profile of the chef and general information about the farmers’ market and local agriculture.

By hosting these demonstrations at the market, Buchanan said the organizations hope to engage customers in direct conversations with local farmers, increasing support and awareness of local food, while answering questions of affordability and preparation.

She also said they hope to encourage the chefs that participate in the events to use more local foods at their restaurants, expanding the support and knowledge of local agriculture on a larger community level and awareness of the positive economic impact made by choosing to buy local foods.

The collaboration of these two Clinton county organizations is a result of a long relationship.

“The Clinton County Farm Bureau has been a long-standing sponsor and supporter of the Clinton County Farmers’ Market,” said Buchanan. “Many of our vendors are established Farm Bureau members, and our relationship with Farm Bureau goes hand in hand with their goal of increasing communication and consumer education to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers.”

Buchanan said that “Fast Food from the Farm” also ties all of the aspects of Clinton County Farmers’ Market’s mission together: offering a free, educational and fun event that highlights the affordability and usability of fresh, high-quality products from local farmers.

There is no registration required for the demonstrations, and more information about the series can be found on the Clinton County Farmers’ Market website.


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Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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