Hirsch's Fruit Farm is the first stop on the Dinner Tour.

FARM FACTOR: Progressive Dinner

Ross County Farm Bureau will be hosting “Farm Factor,” a progressive farm dinner Grow and Know event, July 22 for an afternoon of fun and food.

“Farm Factor” will consist of a four-course meal, with each course served at a different Ross County farm. Every farm will serve food from its farm, or from a nearby local farmer and the farm owner will give a tour of the farm. Other farmers and Farm Bureau members will also be there to answer questions about farming and agriculture.

“This will be a fun family event that will provide a community atmosphere,” said Anna Hall, Ross County Farm Bureau organization director. “It will help families learn more about what they are eating and will provide opportunity for great conversations between farmers and consumers. We want to have a good mixture of farmers and consumers at each location so they create their own conversations and learning experience.”

There will also be an “Amazing Race” activity for attendees to participate in. It will consist of attendees learning about the farms and food at each stop, and then sharing what they learned at the end of the event for a chance to win several prizes. The activity also will provide information to the Farm Bureau about how much families learn from participating in the event.

Ross County Farm Bureau President Mark Crosier said that he and his wife had been on a few progressive dinners and they thought that it would be a fun event for the county Farm Bureau to organize.

“This will be a fun way to create excitement and unity among our farmer members, and get families that are not involved in agriculture out onto farms,” he said.

The event is open to anyone, not just Ross County residents, and Crosier said that there has been interest from several families outside of the county. Tickets are $5 for childeren, $10 for Farm Bureau members and $15 for nonmembers.

“This whole event is about connecting consumers and farmers for conversations,” Hall said, “If every person walks out of there knowing one thing they didn’t know, we will be happy.”

“Farm Factor” tickets will be sold July 1-13, with only 250 tickets available. Contact Ross County Farm Bureau at 800-992-3276 for more information.

This was written by Ohio Farm Bureau. Visit this link to see the original article.