June is National Dairy Month

National Dairy Month starts today. Think of all the great products that you enjoy that are made from milk.  During these warm summery days, most of us look forward to a creamy, cold ice cream cone. Cooking burgers on the grill wouldn’t cheeseburgers without the cheese, and butter on your morning toasted bread or spread on sweet corn for dinner is delicious. And don’t forget about yogurt or cottage cheese as a snack. Chocolate milk or white; it does the body good.

Dairy products help build strong, healthy bones and prevent a decrease in bone mass. They also keep your tooth enamel strong and help prevent diseases like osteoporosis and colon cancer. National Dairy Month is a reminder to make sure you are getting the dairy products you need.

Celebrate National Dairy Month this June by taking in at least three servings of dairy products daily.

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