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The following will be featured in Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President Jack Fisher’s “Up Front” editorial column of the July/August issue of Our Ohio magazine.

Part of the joy of reading a good book, discovering a new food or getting a great shopping deal is telling your friends all about it. If we like something, we figure our friends will too. So why haven’t you told your friends about membership in Ohio Farm Bureau?

Every one of us has a reason we joined, something we value, and something our friends might appreciate, too. It could be a passion for food and farming. It could be great products, service and pricing on insurance from Nationwide or Medical Mutual. You might love Our Ohio, depend on Workers’ Comp savings, be passionate about property rights, feel connected to animals or be glad to save $500 on a new GM car or truck. Telling your friends about what you get from Farm Bureau gives them the chance to get the same.

Your friends will be grateful. Your organization will grow. And there’s one other little item I should mention. You could win a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 4 Wheel Drive, Extended Cab LT pickup truck valued at nearly $33,000!

On a new webpage we’re announcing our new “Every Member Sign a Member” sweepstakes. It’s pretty exciting. Along with the truck, other prizes are a lifetime Farm Bureau membership, a $1,000 CD, a portable generator, a $500 gift card, an iPad, and four suite tickets to an Ohio State football game. You can read all the rules and details (including the part that says I am, unfortunately, ineligible) but the concept is pretty simple. When you successfully encourage a friend to join, submit the form and you’re entered in the contest. And just in case you’d like to talk to several friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, people you do business with or strangers on the street, you get an entry for every membership you sign. Not bad for telling folks what you like about Farm Bureau.

Sure there’s fun and sizzle in giving away a truck and other great prizes. But the concept, members signing members, is in Farm Bureau’s DNA. Since 1919, members have been knocking on their neighbor’s door and making the case that individuals working together can make great things happen. Farm Bureau members working cooperatively electrified rural Ohio and gave birth to Nationwide Insurance. They brought fairness to property taxes and eliminated state death taxes. They built farm and food cooperatives, protected natural resources and set standards for animal care. And they’ve forged partnerships across the food chain. These things happen, and future great accomplishments will happen, by virtue of a growing, dynamic membership. Growth brings more resources, more clout and, importantly, more ideas. Membership is how and why Farm Bureau gets things done.

Farm Bureau’s original executive, Murray Lincoln, famously said, “People have within their own hands the tools to fashion their own destiny.” He also said, much less famously, “I do not pretend that it’s easy to get people to fashion and use these tools.”

Easy, no. Easier, yes, if we each take on a small piece of the job. Think about why you’re a Farm Bureau member, share your reasons with a friend and then ask them to join. “Every Member Sign a Member” is a way for you to help yourself while helping others, a way to make your organization politically, financially and intellectually stronger. It’s a way to reaffirm Farm Bureau’s core belief in empowering people to solve their own problems. And for a little extra motivation, a chance for you to win a truck.

Visit the “Every Member Sign a Member” webpage for full contest rules and to enter


No purchase necessary to win. Only Ohio residents are eligible for this sweepstakes, other eligibility requirements do apply. Any Ohio Farm Bureau member meeting eligibility requirements may enter one entry into the contest drawing without signing a member by mailing an official entry form, available at www.ofbf.org/sweepstakes, to: Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Attn: Every Member Sign a Member, PO Box 182383, Columbus, OH 43218. Ohio Farm Bureau members can receive one entry for each household membership they sign between June 1, 2012 and August 15, 2012 by mailing an official entry form with accompanying membership dues to the same address. All entries must be received by the OFBF office by August 15, 2012 at 4:00 PM EST. The official entry form and a full set of contest rules can be found on the contest website at www.ofbf.org/sweepstakes.

Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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