More oil and gas issues briefings scheduled throughout the state

 A growing list of oil and gas issues briefings have been scheduled throughout Ohio. The briefings are sponsored by County Farm Bureau Public Policy Action Teams and other civic organizations, and are held to answer questions and concerns about a variety of issues oil and gas issues.

Specific programs and their respective subject matter include:

Oil and Gas Leasing 101: This program highlights details a landowner should consider in negotiating a new lease agreement. Working with land agents, project developers, legal counsel, landowner associations and regulatory personnel are highlighted. Additional information on Ohio geology, drilling technology, pooling provisions, as well as steps establishing environmental baselines to address hydraulic fracturing issues are presented.

Older Lease Issues: Do you own property where an older lease signed years ago is now governed a new oil and project today? Discover how implied covenants and current rules/regulations provide landowners with a variety of rights covering oil and gas development. Legal options that could provide steps to terminate oil leases or provide opportunities to work with a developer to modify agreements are presented.

Road Maintenance Agreements: Designed for county, municipal and township public officials, discover more about what should be incorporated into effective road maintenance agreements governing the use of public roads and infrastructure being used/impacted by large scale energy development projects.

Pipeline Easement Issues: A variety of interstate, intrastate and local oil and gas collection networks are being installed throughout Ohio. Learn the basics of creating an effective easement agreement across private property. Issues concerning financial compensation, natural resource conservation, repair/remediation and conditions where eminent domain provisions apply are presented.

Finance Basics: Lease royalties, rental payments and bonus provisions could open farmers and rural residents to a variety of complex tax and accounting issues. Learn what steps should be taken prior to lease signing to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

Community Briefing: A community sponsored program where an Ohio Farm Bureau Federation representative is a resource speaker.

Issues briefings are listed on the Ohio Farm Bureau events webpage.

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Watch a video of Ohio Farm Bureau Director of Energy Policy Dale Arnold sharing what landowners should know about oil and gas leases

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