Mansfield Frazier tends his vineyard

The Vineyard of Chateau Hough


While visiting the Vineyard of Chateau Hough at E. 66 and Hough Ave in Cleveland, it was apparent that Mansfield Frazier, an inventive and dedicated entrepreneur has several goals he has set for himself and his neighborhood. His ultimate goal to build an inner-city winery started in May of 2010 with the preparation of turning a three-quarter acre inner-city corner into a vineyard of 294 vines, set in 14 rows.


“If I grew bell peppers, you probably wouldn’t visit me”, Frazier commented, “so many people stop by and comment on how wonderful this looks.” Having an eye towards redevelopment of vacant land and home sites to be demolished, Frazier indicated that the land can be re-used to grow food for the community and create local jobs.


All the heavy work to establish to vineyard, cutting down trees and constructing the trellis, was done by the residents from the half-way house down the street. Help to plant the vines came from neighborhood volunteers, children and adults, and from surrounding communities and local nearby institutions.


With a nod in the direction of a house just north of the vineyard Frazier indicated, “I intend to use the basement of that house to create a bio-cellar to grow mushrooms and (looking east) establish a fish farm in that vacant commercial building”.


Mansfield has a sharp eye for redevelopment in his own neighborhood and his neighbors are excited to see it all happen. Even if the winery never comes to pass, the effort of rebuilding the community, and the new friends made in the process, has made the project worthwhile.



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