Three top tips for memberships

Here are tips on signing new members from three top membership workers: Hallie Hawthorne of Tuscarawas County; Eugenia Roberts of Jefferson County; and Pat Wheeler of Muskingum County.

1. Talk about member benefits

All three suggest talking to potential members about member benefits, and particularly any member benefits specific to the county.

  • “I try to find something for each individual I talk to that would spark their interest,” Hawthorne said. “The benefits help out tremendously. Tuscarawas County Farm Bureau has a lot of extra county benefits that really help sell the membership.”
  • Jefferson County Farm Bureau does a lot of teacher outreach and offers one particular member benefit targeted to teachers. “We also have a $250 grant teachers can apply for to use for farm education in their classrooms, so I talk about that and have signed teachers as Farm Bureau members that way,” Roberts said.

2. Talk to friends and people you know

All three said talking to friends or people you know, or businesses you are familiar with are good ways to sign members.

  • “Just get out there and just talk about it with friends,” Roberts said.
  • “I’ve signed several businesses, and sometimes it took several tries to meet up with the right person at the business, but with determination you will eventually find a way to meet up with them,” Hawthorne said.
  • “I enjoy working membership because I know a lot of people and I like to go talk to them about Farm Bureau,” Wheeler said.

3. Thank them

An important tip to remember is to always thank to people you talk to about Farm Bureau membership whether they pay dues or not.

  • “If they don’t renew or pay dues, I thank them for their past membership and help, or for listening,” Wheeler said. “And hope that they will join again in the future.”



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Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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