Farm Factor Beef Package Winners!

Farm Factor, a progressive farm dinner, was a huge success. We were estatic to have more than 200 participants attend. During the event, there was an opportunity to learn more about agriculture.

At each farm, there were fun facts and information about that farm and what that farm specializes in growing. There was also information about where the food everyone enjoyed originated. At the last stop, everyone had the opportunity to show us what they had learned by filling out a questionnaire with 25 questions based on the materials they had seen.

Out of the families that attended, we had 75 fill our our questionnaire for a chance to win a prize package of local beef! We had six winners. Each winner received:

5 pounds of hamburger

5 steakettes

1 roast

1 round

1 T-bone

1 sirloin

 Congratulations to our winners: Mary Jo Callahan, Christina Wolford, Kylie Woods, Brian Beery, Janet King and Melissa Darby.

See if you can answer the questions. Check out the attached questionnaire that all the winners completed.