Ohio Farm Bureau Concerned About Issue 2

For Immediate Release

August 17, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) – Ohio Farm Bureau’s board of trustees voted at its August meeting to oppose Issue 2.

This November, Issue 2 will ask voters whether or not to amend the Ohio Constitution to change the way congressional and state legislative districts are drawn. Under the proposal, new districts would be created for the 2014 election and then after each census.

The proposed process includes a confusing and complicated application and selection procedure that lacks accountability to voters.

While Ohio Farm Bureau believes that a better and more transparent redistricting process is needed, the board feels strongly that Issue 2 does not meet the standards of good government.

“Ohioans deserve good government that is accountable to the public, subject to fiscal and ethical oversight and ensures that rural Ohio continues to have adequate legislative representation. Issue 2 does not meet these criteria,” said John C. “Jack” Fisher, Ohio Farm Bureau’s executive vice president.

The organization is calling for a more thorough review of apportionment and redistricting in order to create a better system.

Ohio Farm Bureau is Ohio’s largest general farm organization, with more than 214,000 members, working on legislation, regulations and issues affecting agriculture, rural areas and Ohio citizens in general.


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