Bushels for Hunger

Miami County Farm Bureau, partners, fighting local hunger

Miami County Farm Bureau is working with several organizations to expand its annual fight against local hunger.

The county’s Bushels for Hunger program asks farmers to donate bushels of their wheat, corn or soybean crop to fight hunger. For each bushel donated, the Troy Elevator deposits the money the farmer would have received for the bushels that day into an account. At the end of the harvest season a check for the total amount raised by the project is written to a local food pantry.

Now, in the project’s fourth year, the county Farm Bureau has partnered with Miami County Park District and Miami County Health Partners Free Clinic to plant 6 acres of corn and beans specifically for the project.

“This year, after planting our own crops for the project, we have had a couple people from around the county contact us about using some fallow ground they have to expand the program,” said Mandy Havenar, Miami County Farm Bureau organization director. “We had some generous donations from Demmitt Dairy Farms and Bob Hines Farms who planted the fields. Also, Heritage Co-op donated all the seed and Harvest Land Covington Ag Center and Lena Ag Center donated all the fertilizer,” she said.

By working with all of these local organizations and businesses, all the harvest from the donated acres will go directly to Bushels for Hunger.

“Any time you are putting over $18,000 in the community food pantries over a three-year period, that is going to go a long way to feed needy families,” Havenar said. “ I have the best job that I get to contact the local food pantries and let them know how much they will be receiving. They always are so overjoyed and thankful.”

“We are very blessed in the county to have great farmers who are very generous,” she said.

Miami County has been posting the progress of its Bushels for Hunger acreage on its Facebook Page. Check out the page for reports from planting through harvest.

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