Butler County Farm Bureau Honors Lifetime Members

Butler County Farm Bureau is honoring our loyal lifetime members, whom have been continous members for over 50 years, at the 92nd annual meeting Thursday, Sept. 13. These members are the backbone of Butler County Farm Bureau and their loyalty and support of the organization are greatly appreciated. These members have received certificates along with a thank-you letter from President Gail Lierer and Vice President Tim Hesselbrock for their dedication.

Along with honoring our lifetime members, Butler County will have a presentation “I Am Farm Bureau” during dinner highlighting members and volunteers.

We have many members that have been continous members for 50 or more years, and several with memberships suprassing 65 years or more.

President Gail Lierer said, “We appreciate our loyal grass roots members that have continously paid membership to Butler County Farm Bureau. These members, including my parents, represent a lifetime of dedication to our organization and agriculture.”








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