BCFB Trustees Honored at Annual Meeting

At its annual meeting, Butler County Farm Bureau honored the 16 trustees that compose the board of trustees . Seven trustee positions were elected at this meeting. Thank you to the retiring board members: Sarah James; 46 years of service on the board, Jeff Schwab; 20 years of service, and Cathy Shaw; 4 years of service. Congratulations to the newly elected trustees for a 2-year term: Amy Butterfield, Lynn Eisele, Mike Egbert, Russ Beckner, Terri Niederman, Mike Schwab and Carol Dennison.

President, vice-president and secretary/treasurer are the board officers. Tim Hesselbrock was elected to serve as president and Rita Beiser as vice-president. Cathy Minges serves as the secretary/treasurer.


Here are the 2012-2013 Board of Trustees:

Tim Hesselbrock, Rita Beiser, Steve Bartels, Russ Beckner, Amy Butterfield, Joe Conrad, Mary Dengler, Carol Dennison, Mike Egbert, Lynn Eisele, Kevin Fall, Gail Lierer, Bethann Niederman, Terri Niederman, Mike Schwab and Mary Alice Shupp.

Action Team Leaders for 2011-2012 were Steve Bartels; Public Policy, Carol Dennison; Communications; Rita Beiser, Center for Food and Animal Issues, and Tim Hesselbrock; Organization.









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