Our Scholarship Recipients for 2012 with President Brenda Hastings (left) and Secretary Ed Rumburg (right)

Annual Meeting Review and Upcoming Events

What a tremondous county annual meeting! A big congratulations and thank you to our out-going board members – Bob Sage, Linnie Lausin and Kevin O’Reilly Jr. Also congratulations to our scholarship recipients – George Hess III, Richard Ivans, Ryan Mayoros, Emma Niehus and Kelsey Rumburg. Last but not least, congratulations to our Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award recipient, Elaenor Sage! <!–[if gte mso 9]><xml> 12.00


Upcoming events to be ready for:

Geauga County Farm Bureau Re-Organization Meeting on October 25th

East Region Leadership – November 10th at Maplewood in Ravenna.


See ya’ll soon!

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