Get Involved With Your Local Farm Bureau

Paulding County Farm Bureau is looking for interested people to be apart of the 2013-2014 Advisory Team.

Advisory Teams provide Farm Bureau members the opportunity to identify resarch and engage in discussion with peers on those issues important to your ream. As part of the process, team members may review, discuss, draft and recommend new policies related to their team’s issues and recommend any programming or activities needed related to their team.

Advisory Teams should integrate OFBF’s goals of Security for: Food, Family, and Community into their team activities. They should consider what they want their team/commodity to look like in the future (one, three, and five years out.) Team members should engage in recuiting both Farm Bureau members as well as future team members. All team members should be willing to work with other teams, commodity organizations, and others to educate and advocate for agriculture.

If you would like more information and/or fill out the Advisory Team Application, please follow the links above.





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