USDA to interview Ohio soybean, wheat growers for survey

“The use of fertilizers and pesticides for crop production in the United States is one of the most studied topics in agriculture today,” said NASS’s Program Administration Branch Chief Chris Messer. “We conduct this survey to ensure that any and all decisions about agricultural chemical use are based on current, unbiased data that come from growers themselves.” Unlike most of the agency’s other surveys, NASS will handle this through face-to-face interviews only.

Selected farmers, 250 soybean and 100 winter wheat, in Ohio should be receiving notification of selection by mail soon if they have not already.

Over the next three months, hundreds of NASS interviewers will visit selected growers to gather information about chemical use on their crops. The interviewers will ask the farmers to report the nutrient or fertilizer use, biocontrol or pesticide applications, and pest management and irrigation practices on one randomly selected field to represent data from their farm.

“This survey provides the opportunity for farmers to provide the information that tell their side of the story in terms of chemical usage on their crops,” said Joe Prusacki, NASS statistics division director. “High response rates are very important to collecting accurate information to tell that story.”

Results will be published for public use on NASS’s website May 15.  


Visit NASS’s website and read the news release on the survey.

Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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