Horse March Sept 2012

Horse March and Show results in $1,000 donation to CMPU

The Horse March held Sept. 22, 2012 and the horse show Oct. 6, 2012 netted a profit of $1,000 thanks to all the participants and great work from the Cuyahoga Farm Bureau Equine Advisory Committee (CFBEAC).  Donations were collected along the march route in downtown Cleveland and from the rider participants.  Horse show proceeds from registration and class sponsors were added to the donations from the horse march to total $1,000 to be presented to the Cleveland Mounted Police Unit (CMPU) to help purchase additional tack needed for horses being added to their stable. 

“This is the second horse show the Cuyahoga Farm Bureau Equine Advisory Committee has held to benefit the Cleveland Mounted Unit”, said Joe Porach, the CFBEAC chairman.  “It’s exciting to help the CMPU as they add horses to the unit.”

Photos of the horse march and the horse show can be viewed on the Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau Facebook page.

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