‘Town Hall Ohio’ provides election information

The 2012 general election is quickly approaching, with many still searching for information to assist them in making their voting decisions. Town Hall Ohio, Ohio Farm Bureau’s weekly radio show, has had several election related shows this fall, full of great information to think about before Election Day.

2012 Election Preview 

You can pick a president, senator, congressmen and Statehouse legislators, along with the state supreme court and decide on the set-up of Ohio’s congressional districts. Reggie Fields, “The Plain Dealer,” and Mike Thompson, WOSU TV, discuss Ohio’s political landscape.

Voting in Ohio 2012 

Besides campaigns, the other interesting side of Election 2012 is the scrutiny being applied to the system we use to vote here in Ohio. Not only must you decide who to vote for, but when and how to cast your vote. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted discusses.

Ohio’s U.S. Senate candidates Sherrod Brown and Josh Mande

Mandel and Brown discuss the proper role of government in the lives of Ohioans and respond to questions about job creation, the federal debt, food and farm policy and health care.

Issue 2 debate 

State Issue 2 will be debated on next week’s Town Hall Ohio, but two preview clips of the show are available now. Issue 2 would change Ohio’s Constitution by changing the way legislative and congressional districts are drawn. Representing the yes vote will be Dan Tokaji of Voters First Ohio; representing the no vote will be Terry Casey of Protect Your Vote Ohio.



Visit the Farm Votes Matter website for other election related resources and information 

Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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